No really, how IS your fuzz people? You got loose fuzz or you got tight fuzz? Tight fuzz ‘aint so good. I know it sounds like it should be good but it isn’t. Turns out you need loose fuzz. You wanna be able to, in theory at least, run a finger through that fuzz and for it to just sliiiiiide on through nice and easy. Here’s the deal;

So, what the fuzz is the fuzz? The fuzz is part of your fascia which is a membranous layer of connective tissue under your skin that envelopes your organs and muscles so that things can kinda’ slide off each other, not get all stuck together. Best thing is to watch this awesome awesome video below (literally, in my top 10 all time of youtube videos. Up there with Laughing Baby, Sneezing Baby Panda and anything that comes up under ‘bot fly removal’) but before I do, I will answer the question I can hear you asking right now – WHY THE FUZZ ARE TELLING US THIS SHIV?

Well, after really struggling with what I thought was a MAHOOSIVE knot in my right shoulder, which lead to pain creeping down my back and then eventually up to my neck (and me at night, every night, thinking, it’s metastatic cancer in my booooooones), I went to the physio. Turns out my fascia got stuck and this is really common with people who’ve had breast surgery.

In fact, if you’ve had any kind of surgery, or have had a period where you’re less mobile, where you are not moving in the same way you usually do, where you might be holding yourself differently to unconsciously protect an area, you can get fuzz build up and tight fascia.

So yes, I got the fuzz build up, I got the tight fascia. And it all links to that mastectomy diep-flap reconstruction surgery I had back in March, and the radiotherapy I had in July. I have been pretty active throughout – I even had a deep tissue massive four weeks post surgery – and started back on very gentle running and yoga six weeks post surgery – and I STILL got the fuzz.

And let me tell you this. Getting your tight fascia sorted is it’s own level of really not fun. There I was, trotting off to the physio fully expecting a a bit of delicious elbow action right there in the bit, you know the bit, the oh-yes-right-there-bit, eyes rolled back as you disappear into that tiny crack between agony and ecstasy, but no. It’s like having a chinese burn on your back and you will spend the entire time mentally ferreting around trying to find the pain-pleasure crack, and come up disappointed.

So, my lovelies, watch this video and go forth and conquer the fuzz, every day. Biiiiiig stretches now. And hold this gem of a human in your mind when you do so. He’s just ace. Oh, and, a first for me – inadvertently getting ‘cadaver’ into two blog posts in seven days. Boom.



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