About Me

This is me outside the Cancer and Haematology Department with a big smile and great hair. It is slightly absurd but what do you do? A sad face? “This is my cancer face?”.

It’s Shiv and I have been unwillingly recruited, dragged kicking and screaming, into the cancer club. 

I started this first and foremost because I didn’t have enough email addresses to get my ‘check your boobs!’ email message out there shortly after diagnosis – in spite of all the wonderful people and charities doing great things to promote awareness, the reality is that a lot of people don’t really think it will ever happen to them, and don’t tune into the warning signs until their mate says, “I’ve got cancer”.

As I type, it’s 28 days since official diagnosis and it still doesn’t feel real. The Cancer Comedy was the name of a little WhatsApp group I set up between a few friends in the really early days when it was just easier to laugh about it and pretend it wasn’t really happening –  I felt like was playing ‘the one who has cancer’ in a lighthearted sitcom, complete with bad news, dark humour and canned laughter.

So, this is the Cancer Comedy. It’s not supposed to be funny – it’s just a blogroll of my latest to help get me through a really shitty time and remind YOU, by its existence, to feel yourself up really regularly, but also in a non-sexual way, quite often too. Y’know, to check for cancer?

Now go coppafeel.